The Best Guard Dogs For Every Situation

The Best Guard Dogs For Every Situation

Written By Amica Graber

Apr 27, 2016

The first and foremost reason to get a guard dog is to protect your family. A guard dog can be your best friend and your best protector. If you live in a questionable neighborhood, or just want to know the minute your dog picks up on unusual activity, consider one of the following dogs:

I Want To Protect My Family

Need a big ole’ mutt who is down with the kids? These protective pooches are just what you’re looking for!

German Shepherd


The German Shepherd is a great dog for families with young children. The Shepherd is loyal, with a calm and collected demeanour. There’s a reason these dogs are chosen for police work! They can deter a threat quickly, without becoming unpredictable.

Saint Bernard


A Saint Bernard is a big, intimidating looking animal with a deep, reverberating bark. Despite this, the Bernard’s personality is as sweet as a kitten! The Saint Bernard is loving and patient, and have you even seen Beethoven? They’re great with kids! A big dog will make a criminal think twice before trying to lift the latch on your back door.

Rhodesian Ridgeback


Elegant, whip-smart, and great for the family — the Rhodesian Ridgeback has it all! They were used to keep lions away back in Africa! They can be aloof with strangers, but rarely start any trouble, which is the perfect dog for a family environment.

Keep Trouble At Bay

For whatever reason, you might have reason to need a dog with a mean mug (but a heart of gold). These pups have the ability to protect you, should anything happen.



Rottweilers are sweet at home, but will make anyone looking for trouble think twice before acting out. The Rottweiler is a breed best suited for those who have previous dog experience and are ready to take on the commitment of a big and energetic dog. You have to ensure that a Rottie is well-socialized from an early age to avoid any problems with unwanted aggression later in life.



Pitbulls have a bad rap. As any Pittie lover can tell you, irresponsible ownership is to blame for the poor public image of these lovable mutts. But if you’re worried about your safety, a pit bull is a loyal guardian who will stand by your side, no matter what. Not only will you find a best friend in a Pittie, you’ll also find a sworn protector.

Cane Corso


The Cane Corso is a big and broad animal, with the strength and stamina to effectively ward off any attacker. That said, you’ll need to be confident in handling your dog. You must socialize your Cane Corso from a young age to avoid dog aggression.

When You’re Home Alone And Hear A Spooky Sound

Hey, we’ve all been there! A creaky pipe can sound a lot like a ghost sharpening an axe when you’re all by your lonesome. If you need a hound to hold when there’s some malarky going down at the witching hour, these dogs will have you covered.

Great Dane


Of course the Great Dane is the perfect dog for when you get the chills! They’re huge, so you can feel protected when snuggling. The Great Dane is a gentle giant with a warm and sunny personality. If push comes to shove, they’re more likely to run and hide than be a useful guard dog, but hey! Sometimes you just need a buddy around for moral support.

A Rescue Dog


If you’re looking for a loving companion, go find one at the pound! Rescue dogs are always in need of loving homes, and they will reward you with endless cuddles and kisses — perfect for a dark and stormy night.

You Live Next Door To A Salesman

If your next door neighbor is constantly trying to sell you on his brand new pyramid scheme, it’s time to get a dog. You don’t need a big dog, or a scary dog. A yappy dog will do just fine to keep him away from the doorbell! We hope.

Jack Russell


The Jack Russell Terrier is a small dog with a big bark! If anyone starts banging on your door, they’d be forgiven for thinking you a have a relative of Cerberus hanging out in your home!



A husky loves to run! Keep your yard clear of intruding neighbors. My neighbor likes to hop over and collect the golf balls he thwacked into my fence all night — if you’re in a similar situation, get a Husky! By darkness, it looks like you have a pet wolf on property, and they’ll happily bark at strangers. But the Husky is one of the most lovable (and high maintenance) friends you could ever have!

Did we miss your favorite breed of guard dog? Tell us about yours in the comments!